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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Maquette Progress

I bet you didn't even know I had made a Grampa Kevorkian maquette.  In fact, it's been made since before the film was finished but it has been sitting at my apartment primer gray for a while now.  Recently, I finally took it out and started painting it (in black and white of course).  It was suggested to me that I take some progress photos as I paint it.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any at the beginning and now I'm halfway through.  Also, my camera is on the fritz at the moment.  However, I did take a few not so great pics with my phone camera just to give the idea.  I'll try to track the rest of the progress and then post nicer pics of the final piece here.  Hope you enjoy!


Well, you get the idea even if the pics aren't the greatest.  I'll try to get some really nice ones up soon so be sure to check back.