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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Savannah Film Festival

Hello Everyone!  This past weekend I took a trip with Carlos to the Savannah Film Festival to see my film screen and to participate in an animation panel.  It was a fantastic experience.  Not only was the panel great, but I got to met a lot of interesting people including animators, directors, and producers.  We even partied with the likes of Sir Ian McKellen and ate breakfast with James Cromwell and Isabella Rossellini! I also got to see some great films including student live action and animated films from around the country, and Danny Boyl's new gut wrenching movie 127 Hours.  The whole experience was great but perhaps my favorite part was meeting other animation students and young people who told me they really liked my film.  It was extremely moving to hear my peers say they appreciate my work.  Unfortunately, I didn't take as many pictures as I should have but here are a few highlights from the festival.  Enjoy!

Thursday I arrived in Savannah and immediately went to participate in a panel called Animation - The Short Story about how to produce a short film while working a full time job.

My fellow panel members Tom Gasek (of Aardman fame), Jim Capobianco (Pixar), and Charles deCosta (SCAD professor and Animator)

Savannah College of Art and Design Department head Jeremy Moorshead moderated.

Tom's film Off-Line and Jim's film Leonardo were both in the professional short animation section of the festival.

On the panel, I was able to speak from a student's perspective and give advice on how to complete a thesis project.

Jim Capobianco giving some words of wisdom from his experience of making the short Leonardo over 10 years.

I also had the privilege of being the only lady on the panel.  You can do it, too, ladies!

A packed room full of animation students listening to us speak. (Photo thanks to Tyler Kupferer)

Thursday night we went to the evening reception held after the festival events each day.  Sir Ian McKellen showed up and gladly hung out and talked to a throng of fans.  We stalked and took cell phone pics from a safe distance.

Our friend Dustin Grella (Animator/Director of the award winning Prayers for Peace) wasn't as shy!

The table in Marshall House with postcards for films in the competition.  You can spot mine all the way over to the left second from the bottom. (Photo thanks to Tyler Kupferer)

Friday we did a bit of sight seeing in Savannah.  Saturday morning it was time for my film!  Here we are getting ready to go.

The marquee at the Trustees Theater where my film was being screened.

Anxiously waiting for my Dad to show up.

Yay, my Dad made it! Now waiting for the screening to start.

After the screening all the attending filmmakers stood up for a Q&A.

There were about eight of us in attendance so I tried to keep it short.

Getting lunch afterwards at a burger place.

Carlos and I at the awards ceremony on Saturday.  I didn't win, but it was a thrill just to be there.  All the filmmakers got to sit in the very front VIP style!

Dusty and I at the last party.  It was fantastic to meet so many other amazing animators.

The closing party was the best of the week! And yes, they had girls dancing in the back of pickup trucks indoors.  Go figure.

That was my trip to the Savannah Film Festival!  It was such a fun time I'm sad it's over.  Now to get out there and get my film in some more!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Animation - The Short Story Panel

Thursday I'm so excited to be heading down to Savannah to take part in the Savannah Film Festival!  I'm anticipating all the screenings, workshops, panels and parties.  My film which screened this morning will have an additional screening on Saturday at 11:30am at the Trustees Theater.  Apart from seeing my film on the big screen, I'm most excited about taking part in a panel called Animation - The Short Story (details below).  Not only am I honored to participate as a panel member, the other animators on the panel have hugely impressive resume's from Pixar, Disney, Ardman, Big Idea, and more!  How did I end up on such an impressive panel?  I feel like I'll want to ask just as many questions as the audience members.  So, if you are in Savannah, please swing by and see the panel then stay for the screenings and festivities!

(Click to see larger image.)